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Welcome to My Iron Maiden Page. Without Doubt the Best Band Ever to Walk This Earth.
I Have followed Maiden Since the Late 80's & they Still Kick Ass. Purgatory is an Australian Fan Site for Iron Maiden.

ATTENTION - Collectable's For Sale - ATTENTION

Ausmaiden Tour Petition

Well Maiden are touring again. Lets get them down to AUS / NZ.
I'll be sending these on to LAZ from the Maiden FC.

Do you want Maiden to tour Australia ?

Would you goto more than 1 Concert?


The Web Board is now up and running click here. Feel free to register and post some topics for discussion. I will probably have a competition to promote it soon so start posting.


Well here we are for another year. Thanks to all those who have supported this site and the band. This year is going to bring some major site changes. Firstly we are moving to our new address thanks to our sponsor ICS Web Development. Secondly we are going to undertake a major site redevelopment including adding a web board and much more upto date content.


Guess what I scored for christmas. Thats right, Eddies Archive. Very cool, if you haven't got one yet then break out the piggy bank and get your ass down to your local metal store. Go Now !!!


I'm in the process now of adding a PDF version of Bruce's first book Lord Iffy Boatrace. It will be available by email request only. Also if anyone has the Missionary Position and a scanner we need to talk.


Just finished listening to Rock In Rio Double CD, I now wish I had of gone. Also has a interesting movie clip on the second CD following the Boys around with a camera. Well worth adding these CD's to your collection. Bring on the DVD.


Well whats Maiden got in store for us in 2002 ? An Aussie Tour Perhaps, A new album? More merchandise? We will all just have to wait and find out. Check back often for all the maiden news here in Purgatory.


What ho sed de ting! Guess what Im adding to the site next...for you hardcore maiden fans you would know by the opening statement its going to be the Listen with nicko MP3's. Also heaps of other maiden treasures such as Bruces interviews from Aussie. Maiden Fonts and Movie clips and much more. So check back soon.......


Well here we are in the new millenium and still going strong.
Main change to the page has been the new Review competition section that will be a permanent part of the site so keep those entries comming in. I will get around to fixing everything up soon. Such as the band members pages which will be next......


Just finished my new Iron Maiden title Eddie. The trooper with the Eureka (southern cross) Flag.
Nothing new really, been too busy doing other things. Will probably do a full update during the summer holidays. I'm still too pissed off Maiden dropped their Aussie Tour....still no explanation either..

Iron Maiden Reviews & Competitions

Well the final prize of our second review comp has been won but we have had another excellent response from all over the world so comp 3 is on its way.
Prizes will probably be Rock in Rio CD's. So all entries from now on will be for the next comp once up.

Every 3 months we will be getting a prize sponsored by our local Metal Record Store
to give away.
All you have to do is complete our current or one of the older reviews to enter.
Each one you do is a entry.

This competitions prize's are

Review - #3

Comming Soon. Enter by filling in the older reviews for Now...

Maiden the Band Review - #2

Win 1 of the Monthly prizes listed above!
Every review you fill out is 1 entry to the draw. Winners will be notified by E-mail.

Our First winner is : B Hamstean from Australia. Congratulations to Him. BNW CD
Our Second winner is : F Breaner from Germany. Congratulations to Him. BNW CD
Our Third winner is : J Arenson from USA. Congratulations to Him. BEAST CD

Current Tally as of 02-Jan-2002
Best Album :Peace Of Mind49%
Best Song :Revelations34%
Fav Member :Steve Harris78%
Fav Singer :Bruce81%
Best Video :Live After Death52%

Review #2 - Maiden the Band

Review #1 - Brave New World


Brave New World Review - #1

Win 1 of 3 Wickerman singles.
If you are from Australia it will be the UK release. If from over seas then it will be the Aussie release.
Winners will be notified by E-mail.

Our First winner is : J. READ from Belgium. Congratulations to Her.
Our Second winner is : R. SHARP from Australia. Congratulations to Him.
Our Third winner is : B. WRIGHT from America. Congratulations to Him.

Current Tally as of 24-05-2001
BEST :Dream Of Mirrors / The Wicker Man26% / 18%
WORST :None / Nomad70% / 18%
RATING :5 Stars / 4 Stars60% / 27%


Album Out Now

The tracklisting is as follows:-

  • 1. THE WICKER MAN (Adrian Smith / Steve Harris / Bruce Dickinson)
  • 2. GHOST OF THE NAVIGATOR (Janick Gers / Bruce Dickinson / Steve Harris)
  • 3. BRAVE NEW WORLD (Dave Murray / Steve Harris / Bruce Dickinson)
  • 4. BLOOD BROTHERS (Steve Harris)
  • 5. THE MERCENARY (Janick Gers / Steve Harris)
  • 6. DREAM OF MIRRORS (Janick Gers / Steve Harris)
  • 7. THE FALLEN ANGEL (Adrian Smith / Steve Harris)
  • 8. THE NOMAD (Dave Murray / Steve Harris)
  • 9. OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET (Janick Gers / Bruce Dickinson / Steve Harris)
  • 10. THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE (Dave Murray / Steve Harris)


Well looks like NO TOUR for us Aussies. Very disapointed to say the least. Surely after 7 years they could come back to show us loyal fans they still care about us and not just the money. Come on its probably our last chance.


Well we made it to the next Millennium and Iron Maiden are still kickin ass. Any band spanning 3 decades and 2 millennium must be damm bloody good. Have just started to update this page after neglecting it for too long. Check out the Members Page as It should be finished soon, The Pic's Zips are now all up and running. Check back soon as lots will be happening over the next few weeks.............

Merry Christmas and a Very Maiden New Year

Ed Hunter Homepage

Ed Hunter Computer Game Finally Released

If you see this Icon on the Album Pages you can now hear a sample of that song.

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The New LineUp with Bruce & Adrian Back (F*%#Yeah)

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